Friday, June 24, 2011

White Castle

This blog is not all about the food I cook, but also about my food experiences out in the rest of the world. When I have my camera, and I am inspired, I will do my best to document my experiences for you, my wonderful followers! ;)
I am a huge fan of the food network. I love to watch cooking shows but I must admit, what I may love even more, is to watch shows about restaurants. So on some random night that I happened to be watching, there was a show that talked about White Castle. Now I must admit, I had never heard of White Castle before, but I did enjoy learning about their history and the fact that they are still doing sliders now as they did way back when they started, and for a fast food chain I was curious about their technique. Small curious little things, cooked or rather 'steamed' on a bed of onions. The patties themselves have small holes in them so as to better absorb the flavour of the onion when it 'steams'. Not to mention those cute little buns that they make themselves.
So when I found myself driving through Michigan this Spring enroute from Chicago to my home I jumped at the chance to visit the White Castle that I came across in Flint, Michigan.

True to their description, cute little burgers in cute little packages, and you definitely could taste the steamed onions in the meat. But, as much as I wanted to like them...they weren't for me. A bit chewy, what with being steamed and all. But I did love the authenticity of them, I imagine that they must taste the same as they did when they came out almost 100 years ago.
So if you get a chance, and want to taste history, give them a try. It certainly was fun if not tasty experience for me.

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