Friday, March 11, 2011

The simple things in life...

I grew up in a predominantly jewish neighborhood in Toronto. All around me the kids were eating bagels, and soon so was I. As a teenager, I got a job at our neighborhood bakery, The Uppercrust, and my love affair with bagels truly began. There were so many kinds, mini, twister, poppy, sesame, salty, everything and I love them all. For me, when I think of true comfort and my youth, the smell of toasted bagels is a big part of it. Years later, I traveled to Montreal and was introduced to its many bagel shops around the city. Open 24 hours, these wonderful little shops, showed me what we didn't have in Toronto. From what I know, you are a St. Viateur or a Fairmont or a St. Urbain person. Each shop has its own unique way of making the bagel. It is a wonderful thing to see if ever you have the chance.

So, what am I? A die-hard Fairmont girl. I always make a trip there, even if I am just passing through the city. Rain or snow, by the light of the sun or moon, I will get my bagels. And the beautiful smell of them in the bag as I sit on the plane is something that I look forward to bringing into my home. I have passed this love affair on to the rest of my family too, so really, I have no choice but to get them bagels or I would have a riot in my house.

My favorite sandwich, which I only eat on a Fairmont bagel is this:

Toasted bagel
Fresh sliced tomatoes
Smoked Applewood cheddar
Fresh Arugula

It has also become a pretty popular sandwich in my house too. Simple but tasty.

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