Friday, October 14, 2011

Pies...made to order

Peach Crumble
I love to make pie. This is evident by the number of blog entries that I have on the various pies that I make. To be perfectly honest, I am holding back too since I am sure you don't all just want to read about my pies. So when I am not writing about what I am eating or cooking, I am talking about it. And as my partner David always reminds me, not everybody is as interested in food as I am. But in my circle, they are and this (Canadian) Thanksgiving, it paid off. A friend of mine at work casually asked me if I was willing to bake her a pumpkin pie if she paid me. Why not? I was already baking 2 for my family, what was one more? Well, one pie, turned into two, which in 3 days turned into 8, yes 8 pies! I couldn't believe it. Of course David thought I was mad, but nothing gave me more pleasure then spending the weekend baking pumkin and apple pies for people. I love seeing how each one turns out, it still amazes me that I am making this little things. Below are a few pics of my Thanksgiving, made-to-order pies. Who knows, this could be a little business! If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, and are interested in a pie, pls let me know!
Apple Pie in the making

Pumpkin and Apple Pie

Peach Blueberry Pie

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